Basic/Advanced Computer Training

  • Our training can be helpful for everyone. The most common training is for those that know their way around a computer but have trouble using certain programs on their computer. Programs such as Microsoft Office in which navigating around Excel or Word can be a chore sometimes.
  • There are also those that need training in the basics of how to maintain a healthy PC so that the computer can function at 100% all of the time.
  • Whatever the need might be, Analytic PC can help make a long days task turn into a short couple of clicks.

Virus/Malware Removal

  • There are many types of programs out there promising to clean your pc or to make it faster.
  • There are some very simple processes that are already built into your computer that can make it faster and cleaner.
  • Knowing which programs to use and what to delete is something the average user doesn’t usually know. We can show you just a few steps that you can do on a monthly basis to keep your PC running smoothly for years to come.

Remote Support

  • We offer remote support for most all of our services. This is very advantageous for most users in that they can get us logged into their machine and while we are working on it they can be doing other tasks.
  • Remote support is used for online training as well as software installations.

Wi-Fi/Connectivity Issues

  • For most customers, getting the cable or phone company to set everything up is in most cases a common occurrence. Sometimes however, you are left with questions and devices that need additional help.
  • In most cases this can be fixed over the phone with a few short instructions. Other times a house call is needed.

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Software/Hardware Glitches

  • Installing programs onto your PC can sometimes leave you stumped as to why it won’t work. A lot of times there are specific drivers that need downloaded or an exception in your antivirus program that is needed. Either way, at Analytic PC we strive to make your time on your PC a pleasant experience instead of ending in frustration always.
  • There are thousands of people that end up buying new hardware b/c they think they need to or are told to by a salesman. Even the newest software programs released today are programmed to have compatibility with older operating systems. We strive to keep your current computers working for you until you feel the need to upgrade your hardware.

Computer Back-up Services

  • Backing up your vital information is paramount for most users. There are many options available and every user is different as to how they go about doing this. Some clients want something outside their home/office and some like the notion of having everything at their discretion.
  • No matter what your choice might be, we give you numerous alternatives and ways of keeping your files backed up.

Software Installs

  • Software installation can be a questionable task to some users. Is my computer compatible? Will the program run correctly? Is everything setup correctly?
  • Also, in a lot of the software installations there are other programs that end up getting installed without the user knowing it. Inadvertently, this can sometimes result in you having multiple antivirus programs installed which can in turn slow your computer down.

PC Cleaning & Speed Check-up

  • Cleaning your PC and keeping it up to speed are two of the most important aspects to PC users today. If you compare this to your automobile it makes perfect sense. If you never washed or swept your vehicle as well as never changed the oil and filters, your vehicle would not be running at 100%. This holds true for the computer and other devices. For the most part we take for granted that our computer turns on and works every day. If the average user keeps up with the maintenance on his/her computer then for the most part it will ensure longevity of that PC.
  • Some people like doing the maintenance on their property whether it be lawn care, vehicles, pets, etc. and some enjoy having an outside source complete certain tasks for them. At Analytic PC we strive to make these burdensome tasks a breeze no matter what your forte is.

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